Support your favorite artists.


Art Lover? Collector? Artist? Investor?

TheMintPass is a membership, offering unlimited FREE art drops to the holders.

The Labs will give talented artists the opportunity to demonstrate their work to an engaged community, supported by powerful communication and marketing campaigns.

The XxxxXxxxxxx Labs is a meeting point for all Metaverse pioneers.

Investors will have access to different types of Art from promising artists. Artists will have the opportunity to share their work and passion with an engaged community. Collectors and Art lovers will be able to share their knowledge and enjoy the different types of artworks offered by TheMintPass.

We love ART

We are collaborating with the most talented artists in their fields; Generative artist, 2D, 3D, pixel art, photography, music, … We want to help artists to grow their brand and to help them take their first step into the NFT world.

In the NFT space, unlike physical art, artists are not in competition but collaborate together. TheMintPass is creating a place where all the Artists can share their projects with each other, network, exchange and meet a community of Art lovers and Collectors.


Genesis Collection

111 TheMintPass Genesis - Exclusive and specific perks.

Minting of the TheMintPass

2'500 TheMintPass. Launched on February 24th.

Creation of the Labs

When the impressionist movement started at the beginning of the 20th century, just a few people understood the revolution that was going on. 100 years later, many would love to wake up seeing a Manet in their living room... We are witnessing a turning point in Art history. Don’t miss the opportunity to create an exceptional and timeless art collection. We love Art, we believe in NFTs' future. We know that too many artists don’t get the visibility they deserve, this is the reason why we intend to create the biggest artistic incubator.

Drop of the first collection

All TheMintPass holders will be able to claim the first drop for FREE (and all the following). This drop will be the first of many to come and will mark the first collection of TheMintPass. All the future drops will still be FREE to claim for all TheMintPass holders.

First significant marketing campaign to promote the first NFT drop of TheMintPass

We understand that the marketing stage is important for a project with great ambitions. The several marketing campaigns that we will run will show to the Art World, the NFT space, and the biggest Discord communities how this project is sustainable, unique, and how TheMintPass intends to establish itself as the largest incubator for Artists.

Website and Discord updates

Throughout the drops and collections, our website, as well as our discord, will be updated on a daily basis. It will display the market price of the NFTs sent to TheMintPass holders. The holders will be able to track the performance of each NFT they have been sent. We will add a gallery section where all TheMintPass drops will be displayed with a presentation and an interview of each artist.

First NFT exposition in the Metaverse - SANDBOX Collaboration

With the excitement and demand that TheMintPass will have created as the collections go on, our team will focus on creating the first, and most likely, the biggest NFT exposition on the Metaverse, which will only be accessible to TheMintPass holders. We are partners with one of the biggest Creative agencies that have been working with Louis Vuitton, Versace, Chanel, and other big brands for over 16 years, and are now working on making a huge fashion/artistic transition in the MetaVerse. The @AldenteParis Estate is dedicated to artists who create under the constraints of the @TheSandboxGame, with the aim to collectively define the aesthetics and values of luxury in this metaverse. The Mintpass artists will be closely considered for their exhibitions.

Collection Drops

Whilst the new collections are being introduced, members will see their Art gallery expand with the original collections that TMP’s team will have selected. TheMintPass holders will also be able to pick their favorite artists among the holders and the NFT Expert Team’s Selection, in addition to the exclusive partnerships that we already have in progress with recognized artists. Each artist will drop his collection, funded and powered by XxxxXxxxxxx Labs.

Bootcamps and IRL events

Seminars, Art Workshops, Conferences, Interviews,... All the members will be invited to private events to showcase their favorite collections, learn from recognized artists and NFT personalities, meet other members and artists of the TMP team, and much more…

And more…

Wen Merch? Wen Token? Wen Stacking?


What is TheMintPass?

TheMintPass is an NFT.
TheMintPass is a membership.
TheMintPass offers unlimited free Art drops to its holders.

What will be the type of Art that holders will claim for Free?

We deeply believe in art in all its forms and we are lucky enough to collaborate with, 2D, 3D, 360, generative artists. But also photographers, musicians, producers artists, and much more… We do not want to restrict TheMintPass to just one type of art, but to expand it to all art movements, tendencies and mediums.

How many drops will I get with TheMintPass?

Unlimited drops. Get ready to expand your art gallery and become an art collector in the Metaverse…

How much will each MintPass cost?

0.095 ETH for the Genesis collection. 0.09 ETH for TheMintPass main collection.

When will TheMintPass Launch?

February 9th at 5pm UTC for the Genesis collection. February 24th for TheMintPass main collection.

How will the artists who are going to design the next collections be chosen?

We are working closely with artists and we want to collaborate even more. We encourage all artists to send us their application by filling the form in the #artist-partnership channel to design one of our future collections.

How are you going to make sure we get unlimited drops for free?

TMP’s Team is working closely with known NFT artists as well as promising emerging ones. Furthermore, we get a huge amount of requests from artists who want to design the next collections. The team is always working on the next 5-6 drops at the same time to be sure the deadlines are respected.

What will be the secondary royalty fees?

We wanted to give all the Art lovers and NFT enthusiasts the chance to mint TheMintPass by keeping a mint price relatively low. As a result, we decided to take 7.5% of secondary royalty fees to be able to finance all the next collections and to invest in numerous future marketing campaigns for our Artits.

How can I contact TheMintPass team?

Feel free to reach us Discord. We’ll be delighted to answer all your questions. Don't blink.